People often ask me...

Kathleen, exactly what is it that you do?

Well, I say… I fulfill a niche need in the graphic design industry that's somewhat unique to Washington, DC. It's the creation of (jargon alert…) long documents, such as books, catalogues, and reports. Text-intensive publications written by wonks and scholars and experts; full of supporting elements like tables, maps and diagrams; and containing languages like Chinese, Arabic and Russian. In other words, the types of publications that are continuously being churned out by the city's two largest contractors — the Federal government and the George Washington University.

In addition to long documents, I provide highly-skilled production support to overwhelmed art directors, studio managers and others, who are working on complex graphic design projects under tight deadlines. For over 25 years I've assisted talented creatives on a wide array of projects using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications — InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Muse and Acrobat.


For over 25 years huh? How have you lasted so long?

Talent, persistence, and a rent-controlled apartment. Since 1989, my home-studio has been located near 16th & U Street, NW — just one block south of Malcolm X Park and 12 blocks north of the White House.

I am an active member of…